Imagine the incredible peace if you could let go of inner conflict and any limitations from the past, whilst being open to the unknown of the future?

To be free of any sense of becoming, with its patterns of grasping, projecting, judging, or pressure to achieve.

If you could glimpse that everything in your life has been specifically created for your own unique awakening; all the problems, emotional patterns and traumas have been perfectly woven through your journey in order to teach you wisdom and compassion. This would give a sense of deep meaning and purpose in your life.

We are not randomly here, struggling to cope with the problems of existence. We are each guided by the Intelligence of Life - which we are part of – until we can let go of any resistance or judgment and see ourselves with utter compassion and acceptance.

Only then can we begin to view the world through the eyes of the heart. Those around us are seen to be our guides, and we see the perfection of our journey.

Finally we can move beyond our limiting personal self to an awareness of the One movement of Life. This movement is total peace, infinite love...'