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'Are you struggling with self-love in this messy, chaotic world whilst also yearning for a deep peace which is limitless?

The key to understanding the modern challenges we face lies in awakening to a compassionate awareness which holds our frightened, angry, lonely, painful human in unconditional love, seeing the root of ourselves as not separate from all selves, while also holding awareness of the ever-present stillness and perfection of the One-ness beyond separate form. 

We are not randomly here, struggling to cope with the problems of existence. Everything in your life has been specifically created for your own unique awakening; all the problems, emotional patterns and traumas have been perfectly woven through your journey in order to teach you wisdom and compassion. The Intelligence of Life - which we are part of – guides us until we can let go of any resistance or judgment and see ourselves, and all selves with utter compassion and acceptance.

Once we are free from inner conflict we are then able to bring the whole of our awareness to the question of time and space and the limitations of the brain. Insight into the ending of psychological time opens us to the infinite presence of now and the expansion into Oneness, or no-separation, bringing a freedom and limitless peace which is beyond measure.

Out of this deep insight flowers unconditional love for the whole of creation. From this perspective of no-separation we live the eternal peace and infinite love of Oneness through our individual human lives.

This is our purpose; to be the expression of that limitless peace and love in the midst of the chaos of life in whatever way we are uniquely able.

As the world faces crisis after crisis, there has never been a more important time for each of us to find an inner truth which is unshakeable.’




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