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Experiencing enlightenment in the hands of Caroline Bliss is an eye opener. As a chiropractor who practices in a holistic way, Caroline has helped me to realise the greater potential I have in understanding myself before I try to understand the patient!
This has allowed me to be more fulfilled in my personal journey, more aware of the interconnectedness of energy in all our lives, but also more neutral in presence when helping a patient find their journey through pain. I thought my hands were good but now I feel with my heart too.
If you want to let go of the unnecessary, find yourself and learn to be present in all your glory, Caroline will help you in loving kindness every step of the way. All you need do is be willing.

Mike N.
Caroline was recommended to me with the words "she's a real game changer".
I couldn't then conceive how true this is!
Working with integrity, compassion and a no nonsense approach that allows no room for inauthenticity, she has helped me to truly know myself, let go of my 'stories' which had been holding me back - whilst first honouring them - and holding the space for me to find self-compassion, and through that compassion for others in the most liberating of ways. Caroline has a rare gift of being able to feel underlying imbalances coupled with the wisdom to guide with love.
Since beginning to see Caroline a year ago my relationships with others and myself have improved beyond measure.

Kim Y.

I have been on a long journey with Caroline and have seen my life expand in such a positive way.
I no longer feel overwhelmed in a hostile world, instead I feel part of a collective whole. Through dedicating myself to the work with Caroline the universe has given me the most beautiful gifts.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Caroline for anyone brave enough to embark on the soul’s journey back to Oneness.
Carly F.

Wow, what can I say about Caroline? I’ve worked with her consistently and regularly for the last few years. My life has improved in so many ways. I’ve redeveloped family relations that for my whole life I thought were unfixable. I’m finally reaching my career potential. I’m calmer, more understanding & healthier in all my relationships. Caroline works with you in a completely non-judgemental, compassionate, understanding way, unravelling the many layers of your feelings that brought you to where you are now. I trust her with my life and I truly wish everyone could experience the utter joy I have with this work. I can say I’m a much better (and happier) version of myself than when I first walked through her door. You won’t regret it and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their life.
Sarah A.
Caroline is blessed with wonderful insight, knowledge of the human spirit and empowerment. The gentle path of self knowledge is not one we can always progress along alone. The caring, guiding hand and heart of one such as Caroline, with intuition, understanding, and without judgment, enables a true experience of personal growth.  It is rare we meet such people in our pathways, and I shall always be grateful to her.
Sarah D.
When I first met Caroline I had lost myself. I had lost who I was and felt I didn't know how to get myself back. I knew there was more to life and to myself than  I had already known but didn't know how to find it. I was probably at one of the lowest points of my life.
My work with Caroline has been one of ups and downs and has taken me to places of myself that I had forgotten existed.  It is hard for me to explain how she does it but her guidance through her process has brought me back to my life.  I felt before like I was just existing, not really engaging, whereas now I feel like I'm actually involved. Involved in life but more importantly for me I am now more involved in myself.  I am more in touch with how I feel and have begun to get a real sense of value for myself. 
I know there is more work to be done and I am excited to see where it takes me. Hopefully to an even deeper understanding of myself and beyond. 
Liz K.

How to describe Caroline? An enlightened teacher, a wise woman, a healer, a guide, someone who transforms the deepest emotions into presence… I have been blessed to have worked with her.
Jonathan H.
Meeting Caroline was a real turning point in my life and I was lucky enough to work with her over several years. With her guidance I navigated myself through a dark place I'd been stuck in for a long time. It has been a journey of self discovery and now I am living my life day by day; knowing, loving and understanding myself so much more.
Katie B-J.

Caroline Bliss is a remarkable presence in my life. I first went to see her when I felt very lost and out of balance, and as a result I felt very disconnected with my true self. Through her wonderful compassion and teachings she gently began to show me how to reconnect with my heart and to truly heal my past, by connecting with trapped emotions and releasing them deep within.

The result has been my first step towards a sense of true enlightenment as with Caroline's loving presence to guide me, the realisation began to dawn on me that the brain habitually recreates all of our so called problems. By both loving ourselves through our past pain and fears and learning to live in the moment with more focus and awareness, there is a whole new level of freedom that awaits those willing to take that bold step into the unknown. As I walk this new path I now live with an inner peace and freedom within my body, and a new-found joy and appreciation for simply being alive.

Adam J.

Caroline’s capacity to intuitively delve straight into the underlying causes of difficult or challenging life situations enables her to work effectively and efficiently with her clients in bringing attention to the real heart of problems, beyond the stories we have been telling ourselves.

         Her ability to perceive and reveal the patterns of behavior that we automatically adopt as defaults when facing emotionally charged life situations, allows her to bring awareness to the unconscious defensive patterns we retreat to. She also provides invaluable techniques for staying present, enabling one to feel and experience energetically in life, rather than exist behind the buffers of intellectual disconnection.

          No matter how many ‘self help’ books one may have read, at some point, for the healing to occur in any lasting way, the intellectual understanding must be translated into an energetic experience that we can really feel; it is here that the real work takes place, and it is here that Caroline excels as a guide, as a facilitator and as a spiritual friend and mentor.


Richard and Aleshia S.  

Caroline  has been incredibly enlightening in the time that I've known her. I have worked with Caroline for 18 months and she has helped me bring love and light into dark places in my heart and mind. She has helped me forgive and put peace back into my life. Caroline has many attributes that work not only with the mind and body but with the spirit and soul. Caroline has also advised me upon diet and healthy eating as well as specific vitamins and nutrition tailored to my body shape and lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline's work to anyone. I'd also like to thank her for encouraging me to make positive changes and having faith in me, faith that at one point I had lost in myself. 

Harriet M.


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