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I invite you to begin your journey to inner peace and the ability to live an awakened life. Join me in either one-to-one work, or on a transformative retreat. This work is deep, gentle and truly profound, and I have seen many magical awakenings over the years through guiding and connecting people to their inner truth.

The one-to-ones are over Skype or Zoom, and each session lasts two hours. A vast amount is covered in each meeting, so you will feel immediately engaged in the transformation of your self and how you see life. The pace at which you work, and the time between meetings, will be led by your needs.

If you are unsure whether the work is for you and would like a short phone consultation for no charge, that can be arranged.

Cost for each 2 hour session: £110.

NB. At present I am working 1-1 with people who have been referred, so please let me know who recommended me when you contact.

For full information about the retreats, please see the relevant page on this site. 


To contact Caroline about her work and group retreats, please email using the form below, or directly at 


Caroline is also available to give talks or workshops with an interested group.

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