Mondays 8th, 15th and 22nd August '22

Online with Alternatives

Join me for a FREE 3 part course online with the amazing Alternatives, who have asked me to present a taste of my work over the next three weeks. 
First session is Monday 8th from 6-7pm. I hope to see you there!



'The Compassionate Heart; Awakening the Self'

5pm Friday November 4th - 4pm Sunday November 6th 2022.


Cost: £450

The group will be no more than 6, with own room and plenty of space. 

During the weekend you will have a chance to step away from the demands of life, and gently explore your deepest self. This is the unconscious blueprint for our lives which we take on before birth and which is imprinted and shaped primarily during our early years of life.

It is the basis of your 'story' and the subjective nature of how you view life.

Looking at that story in detail with eyes of compassion frees you from inner judgement. We all experience traumas or difficulties in life which are hard to feel or digest, and we carry unconscious beliefs passed down from family or peers. These need to be explored and unpicked so that we can free our perspective, and move through to a deep state of acceptance and peace.

Working with compassionate awareness eventually allows you to fully embrace all aspects of yourself and your past, bringing a profound sense of presence.

Out of this presence arises the energy which unifies all beings: Love. You are this love, and immersing yourself in this awakens your life’s purpose and brings you in line with the wonder of each moment.

The group will be small so that everyone can have appropriate attention, with time and space to evolve. 

The timetable starts at 5pm on Friday and finishes at 4pm on Sunday. Overnight accommodation is in a beautiful retreat centre in Gloucestershire; each person has their own large private room overlooking the gardens. The food is vegetarian and locally sourced.. Special diets easily catered for. 



Entering into these retreats/workshops is a transformational experience, one which will radically shift your perspective of yourself, Life, and the nature of Being.

There are 6 retreats in all, however each one of them stands alone as a complete experience. The retreats have been designed to lead each person through a spiral of ever deepening awareness of how to live a fully awakened life, as a Spiritual - and uniquely human – being.

Each weekend has a balanced mixture of subjective and objective work; understanding the traumas, experiences and old patterns from life’s experiences, and exploring the deeper Universal reality of One-ness which is ever present throughout the human life.

The retreats are best experienced in order, however there is no need to sign up for more than one at a time, thereby each soul takes what it needs, as and when it needs it.


Retreat 1: Awakening the Self

This is a gentle introduction to Caroline’s work and philosophy and gives a deep insight into the subjective nature of the Self, through which we experience all of life. We look at the creation of that Self and the first, formative years, when the blueprint for each person is laid down, based on family, culture, experiences and even energetic and physical body types.

As you learn to see the ‘inner child’ with eyes of love, conflict falls away and compassion is glimpsed as the foundation for self-love.

Only then can we shift our total perspective from the individual to the whole, experiencing the peace of the one movement of life. This peace brings a profound awakening of the truth which is ever present beyond time and the movement of the brain.

It is this awareness of self-love and universal peace which the individual takes back into the world at the end of Retreat 1.


Retreat 2: Deepening the Process

The second retreat allows the individual more time to explore their particular stumbling blocks in human life. We revisit the ‘story’ of your life, unpicking and understanding the various traumas, difficulties or old beliefs which are hard to shift.

Each person learns how to bring compassionate awareness to the whole experience of day to day living, deepening the connection to the inner Self, so that the challenges of life can be met with clarity and wisdom. We learn about the alchemy of facing intense emotions and how to allow them to flower and die through the body.

Once again we shift from of the individual, subjective nature of existence, opening to the peace beyond our time-bound limited state. We explore the nature of time and love.


Retreat 3: Beyond Limitation

This retreat is a profound step; we explore the world of the inner teenager, and the effect the teenage years have on the individual, whist understanding the collective experience of this hugely important transitional phase of life.

The intensity of the teenage years often closes us to our true potential; if the teenager is not seen with unconditional love a protective cynicism can arise, preventing gifts and dreams from being realised or utilised to the full. Living without limitation of any kind is a huge challenge and one which, once taken up, frees the individual on all levels.

Now the purpose of life can be glimpsed as a reality and a new excitement for this human journey blossoms. This allows the two levels of awakening – the human self-love and the mystical transcendence of One-ness – to connect; the person senses the enormity of living both realities simultaneously.

The peace which has previously been enjoyed, now begins to permeate all existence.


Retreat 4: Be Who You Are

In this retreat there is a consolidating of all the previous work, bringing huge light and insight into the nature of the individual’s purpose here on Earth and how to live a fully awakened life.

By this stage, each participant is working with powerful awareness and a willingness to meet any obstacles to freedom. We look at the nature of fear, how it is fundamentally entangled with the development of the subjective self and what it means to be totally free of it.

We then bring this awareness to the whole movement of life, individually and collectively, and deepen our appreciation of the gift of existence.

Each person experiences a ‘conscious birth’, which brings them into total alignment with their purpose.


Retreat 5: Freedom from the Known

By now the retreats are shifting from focus on the human problems of existence to a deepening of the spiritual nature of life.

The lens through which life is experienced is now clear and there is a vast intelligence guiding each soul on their journey.

Retreat 5 is about embracing the nature of death; what it means to die in the midst of life, opening the way to utter freedom from the known.

There are long periods of reflection and time in nature, however the group dynamic and focus allows for profound collective insights.


Retreat 6: Love

During this retreat we look at the nature of love. We begin by focussing on the most intimate relationships in our lives, clearing a path to profound, unconditional love.

We also dive into the energy and intelligence of Universal Love and the Awakened Heart. Once again, there is time for each person to bring up anything they wish to explore, but also for deep, silent periods of reflection and immersion in the peace of enlightenment.  


Message from retreat participant

'The light that you show us is so powerful and beautiful, it shines the light for us to journey to our own truths.  Thank you for your love and compassion, thank you for helping me navigate the self, thank you for showing me peace beyond mind. Through your teachings I have learnt not to close down the self, not to feed the ego, to be authentic to my soul, this awareness has enabled me to feel more connected to those around me, it has shown me a peace that is love.  When I think back to the first retreat and you asked the question ‘'What are you seeking from this retreat’'? I remember saying that 'I would like peace from myself and to stop judging myself', I didn’t fully understand at the time what that meant, but now looking back - as in a full loop which brings me to now - it is clear.  I can now see how easily life can take us so far away from this connection keeping us so separate, so judgemental and in so much pain; therefore in bringing such light, awareness, compassion and openness helps the self to flower which raises the vibration of humanity.'



Thurs 29th September - Sun 2nd October '22

This is a retreat for all those who have journeyed through the other levels and it is an opportunity to share the details of living an awakened life, whilst enjoying silence - together and apart. These meetings happen once a year or so, and are a beautiful way of touching base with yourself, and others with whom you have journeyed deep and far...

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subject to change

Friday eve:
  • An overview. 

  • Meeting the group. 

  • Introducing Caroline and the work.

  • Start of inner work; a journey towards the self.

  • Exploring the subjective nature of our lives; looking at body types and family patterns.

  • Exploring and sharing our stories.

  • Understanding pain and anger.

  • Recurring individual patterns.

  • Compassionate Awareness.

  • Evening fire pit ceremony


  • Feedback and sharing.

  • Moving from the separate self to Awareness of One.

  • Presence and Peace.

  • Taking the work back into the world.

  • The sessions will be interspersed with drinks, breaks and meals.  

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The retreats are held in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside between the Forest of Dean and the River Severn. 

The accommodation is in an old vicarage full of character with spacious rooms, high ceilings and windows overlooking the extensive gardens. Each person has their own room.


The group work takes place in the more modern, light filled extension, where we also share our vegetarian meals together.

The atmosphere is one of peace, tranquility and presence.

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"The compassionate heart retreat is nothing short of truly amazing, and it has made an incredible difference to my life.

Caroline has a wonderful glow that is instantly noticeable and by the time you leave you also have one !! Her gift that she shares from the heart is one of beauty and peace and if everyone had the opportunity to experience this then the world would be a much better place."



I have taken part in a number of spiritual development courses and retreats over the years in addition to leading various workshops and retreats myself. “The Compassionate Heart” retreat led by Caroline has proved to be one of the most challenging, rewarding and transformational retreats that I have ever experienced. I am truly in awe of Caroline’s ability to hold a safe space within which the retreat participants can engage at a deep level with their own inner enquiry. Caroline has the amazing ability to intuit what is happening within each individual, and to offer a wise and compassionate response which goes to the heart of the matter for the person concerned. Caroline’s warmth and humour, together with her practical and down-to-earth style, is an added bonus! The spiritual journey through healing to inner transformation and enlightenment is a difficult and painful one at times, but Caroline’s presence, together with her numerous gifts and qualities, makes her a wonderful companion and guide for the journey.  


  Ian Bonner-Evans October 2018
“An inspirational and eye opening weekend, where the promise of a heightened awareness of the Other was not only achieved but it managed to exceed my original expectations, thereby clarifying the value of Caroline’s teaching and her ability to move one’s soul.”   

Barbara Celli
“I instantly had the feeling that I want more of 
this work, and that I don’t want it to end....  I loved the fire, I loved being held and seen, I loved the connection within the group, I loved the silence 
in between, I loved the meditations, I loved the realisation that we are all special, I loved to be able to touch people and give something back, 
I loved the music, I loved the candles, and I loved hearing Caroline’s truth” 

Franka Zmugg

“Caroline has a true gift that she wholeheartedly shares and communicates with others.  Through her own life journey she is able to guide you through yours.  If you are open to it, she will help you realise your true potential and to understand yourself and others” 

Rachel Adima Gray

"I like to believe that I am emotionally intelligent, and have spent an increasing part of my working and personal life helping other people with their stuff; very few people help me with my stuff. I had no expectations of the first Retreat with Caroline. During our time, I shared with the group some facts about my situation. Caroline, with immense perception, hit the nail on the head and explained what the root of my situation actually was. I didn’t even think it was something to change! This was an epiphany and created the biggest shift I have ever experienced. I saw myself in a completely new light. Caroline held up a caring mirror and reflected a true picture of my world. Without her wisdom, I would not have seen that it was time to finish the picture I’d been painting all this time.

Caroline is a fantastically astute and caring lady who created a very safe and gentle space for true transformation.

The format of the whole Retreat was respectful and well thought through. I am looking forward to the second Retreat and whatever it is will be just right."





"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience at the retreat in Dorset.


Difficult to put into words just how special I found it and I am still exploring a new way of living with the information and experiences you gave us.  

In summary  -  simple, deep, easy, hard, real and inspirational work!


Thanks again to Caroline and the rest of the fabulous team  -  together you created an amazing experience."




"It was a unique weekend, and I have approached this last week with renewed faith in myself.  It has given me a feeling of strength, to trust and be guided by my guts, senses, feelings, intuition, my inner child.  I’m no longer turning away from myself.  

Thank you for making us feel like our very sensitive soul searching was important and valuable, and for safely holding and protecting us enough to allow us to be vulnerable.  The warm generosity of spirit and sensitivity with which this was done was truly lovely!

Thanks to Caroline, who has a vast insight and a gentle, caring, patient, compassionate nature and approach. She sensitively reaches across every level of understanding, and encourages us to explore our own understanding and feelings, while offering easy to follow explanations and guidance. She considerately helps us to make sense of our own very individual, unique story, whilst showing us how the very essence of this keeps us all connected."  







"I have had a very peaceful week back in my world after the retreat. The feeling of aloneness I used to have has gone. I have slept well too, as my anxiety in bed is so much better.

I loved the whole experience at the retreat; the cosy bedrooms, the room we did all the relaxing in, the gong . The emotional release was AMAZING. I had 10 years worth in there! I could go on and on. You all were very special people to meet. You were like angels, and Caroline has this glow that comes out of her."