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‘The Compassionate Heart’ is Caroline’s first book. It is a practical guide for all those seeking Enlightenment via a unique path through the emotions to Self-love and Wholeness.

Step by step, Caroline gently leads you towards a deep understanding of the root of your Self, giving you the tools to bring the most hidden parts into the light of compassion.

She then takes you further, through the transformative experience of Awakening where your individual existence is seen as a perfect part of the one movement of Life, endlessly unfolding in an Infinite Peace.

This Peace is the essence of who you really are.

'The Compassionate Heart' will be featured in the Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine in 2021.

                                                                                  Feedback from a reader...

 “This book is a much needed work in a market saturated with spiritual superficiality and fluff.


It helps us navigate a path through our stories - including our pain and sorrows - to arrive somewhere different - and thus changed somehow along the way. The book encapsulates the work Caroline does, however it is also a stand alone guide to shifting one’s consciousness and opening the heart.


It was a timely arrival for me personally, and has been invaluable in soothing me as the love and wisdom flow from the words to my very essence. 


Finally it is also wonderful to read a book with such gravitas from someone who walks their talk.”


The Compassionate Heart by Carolina Blis

The Compassionate Heart    £14.99

(postage and packing  £2.24)

(p&p of 2 copies £3.62

p&p of 3 copies £5.50)

If you don't have Paypal, or if ordering from outside the UK, please email your order to:   You will be sent details for a bank transfer.

The Compassionate Heart by Carolina Blis
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