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First post

After eight years of working one-to-one with people, I feel it is time to expand and reach out to a wider public.

Last September I took my first retreat, organised by a wonderful lady called Steph who helped me to see that the work is ready to grow. The group was small, as I love to work intensely with people, and the weekend was very successful.

We are subsequently running another retreat next March in Dorset. Please see the Retreat 2017 section of the website for details. There is already plenty of interest for this, so do get in touch if you are keen to join it.

I am also pleased to be putting this website together, and I hope you like it.

As we come to the end of what has been a very intense and challenging year – both individually and collectively – it is becoming more and more clear how interconnected we are. As the answers to our problems are harder to find outside ourselves, it is more imperative than ever that we each look within. We are creating the outer, each of us, and rather than just looking at our own, individual life, we also need to look at the whole. What is happening to Mankind’s consciousness of which we are a part?

It is becoming more fragmented and anxious, more subjective and reactive. Can we see this in ourselves? Can we go inside and find the common thread? And once found, can we embark on an inner journey to the root of ourselves and find love, acceptance and peace?

It is not easy, but I urge you to try, so that 2017 becomes the time when we begin to take responsibility for the future of Humanity and this Earth by starting with ourselves.

Much love to you,

Caroline x

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