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Summer 2018...

What an amazing summer we have been blessed with, although it may not bode well for the planet.

Having moved to Gloucestershire last October, and experienced the intense winter with its magical snow, it is now extraordinary to be bathed in endless sunshine. The Cotswolds are so beautiful, and there are abundant places to explore in the long, warm days.

The main news I have is that I now have a Facebook page. This has been a long time coming, as I'm not such a fan of Facebook, but it is such a useful tool to spread my work to new people, and to keep in touch with all those precious souls in Cornwall whom I left behind.

The link to the page is Caroline Bliss: The Compassionate Heart or you can click the Facebook logo on the top right of this website. Please take a moment to watch the explanation of the work video, and - if you like it - to share it with your friends.

I am looking forward to the next retreat at the end of September, which is another 'Awakening the Self' weekend. As I write this there are still a couple of places left, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Enjoy these last few days and weeks of wonderful light and magical warmth.

With love,


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