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Autumn 2018

It has been a busy autumn with retreats and a new Podcast! The last retreat - 'Be Who You Are' - over three days in Dorset, was truly magical, and was the culmination of the vision I have for the retreats. The participants have all worked with me over many years and have done three previous retreats together, so we were able to work very intensely on the exciting premise of how to live in the world on the edge of self and 'witness of the self'. What is the expression of the Oneness of Life as lived through the individual?

I have also been meeting some interesting people who are helping me promote this work further. In preparation for a talk at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham about my journey from Actress to Spiritual Teacher, I have been interviewed by Anthony Peters for his study of 'Life Lessons'; interviews with people who have gone through transformations in their lives. Here is the link to our discussion:

I hope you enjoy it.

With love, Caroline

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