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It has been a while since I have updated this, as we have been busy moving. A strange and unsettling thing to move during a pandemic, but we are finally now ensconced in our new home and watch with delight as things begin to open up around us.

However there is still confusion, trepidation and uncertainty in the air; country-wide and world-wide. We are stepping into the unknown and many meet the potential of being ‘back to normal’ with excitement, whilst many others meet it with fear and anxiety. We watch other countries struggling and know that even if we can meet friends and family or go out to a restaurant or cinema, there is still a pandemic working itself through humanity somewhere in the world. That brings an existential unease to those sensitive to the background of consciousness which we are all part of.

And what is ‘back to normal’ anyway? We have probably moved far beyond the ignorant state of the interconnectedness of us all, and our deep need of nature and the health of the planet for our own health, to go back to what was before.

It is therefore a time to be brave. To live our purpose and to take active steps to bring a meaningful way of being into our everyday existence. Whatever that means for each of us.

For myself, my retreats are finally starting up again in June, and it will be a delight to rekindle the relationships with those who have already experienced my work and who are keen to journey further, and to introduce new people to the depth of themselves and the potential for inner peace which resides in each of us.

I have an article in this season’s Mind Body Spirit magazine, and my book is selling well.

Last year I was invited to speak at the flagship venue of Alternatives in London’s St James’s Church, however that has now been postponed until next year because of Covid. So I look forward to meeting some of you there and will update the website and Facebook page when I know more.


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