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Autumn 2019

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of my first book. Entitled 'The Compassionate Heart' it has been 4 years in the writing and is the summation of my work. Written as a practical guide for anyone who is seeking to find profound peace with themselves and the world, it includes many exercises and stories to guide the reader through the whole process of understanding the Self, through love of the Self, to freedom from the Self and One-ness.

We each feel trapped in our stories and patterns, comparing ourselves and our lives to others or to the ideal. However when we learn how to look without judgement, we can see how our own journey is perfectly tailored for our unique awakening. The darkest experiences can be brought into the light of compassion to teach us wisdom, and that wisdom leads us to our true purpose in this life.

I do hope that this book will lead you to your own self-acceptance and inner bliss...

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